CalArts Extended Studies provides a range of learning experiences.

Online courses are hands-on, instructor-led, with small class sizes. These classes are designed for discussions and access to CalArts instructors. Earn your CalArts certificate with qualifying courses.

Open Learning courses are available through partner platforms Coursera and Kadenze. These asynchronous, online courses are self-directed. Instructional videos are pre-recorded, and assignments are peer reviewed. Complete courses within a series towards a specialization.

Open Learning Courses and Specializations


Building Your Freelancing Career Specialization on Coursera

Foundations of Music Technology on Kadenze

Game Design: Art and Concepts Specialization on Coursera

Graphic Design Specialization on Coursera

UI/UX Design Specialization on Coursera



XDCJ-900 - Hiring for Decolonization and Cultural Justice in the Creative Industries
XDCJ-901 - Creative Explorations of Whiteness Without White Supremacy
XDCJ-902 - Business Transformation for Cultural Appreciation, Not Appropriation
XDES-901 - Fundamentals of Graphic Design
XDES-902 - Introduction to Typography
XDES-903 - Introduction to Imagemaking
XDES-904 - Ideas from the History of Graphic Design
XDES-910 - Introduction to Adobe InDesign
XDES-911 - Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
XDES-912 - Intermediate Adobe Illustrator
XDES-913 - Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
XDES-914 - Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
XDES-915 - Introduction to Adobe After Effects
XDES-916 - Introduction to Video Editing with Adobe Premiere
XELL-300 - English for the Creative Arts
XELL-800 - English for the Creative Arts
XFVA-900 - The Art of Filmmaking: Foundations of Time and Space
XFVA-901 - The Art of Filmmaking: Composition and the Moving Image
XFVA-902 - The Art of Filmmaking: Sound and Image
XFVA-903 - The Art of Filmmaking: Sequence and Editing
XPDW-810 - Portfolio Development Workshop for Experimental Film & Video Artists
XPDW-910 - Portfolio Development Workshop for Artists and Animators
XPDW-915 - Portfolio Development Workshop in Character Design
XPDW-920 - Portfolio Development Workshop in Visual Storytelling
XPLA-900 - Indigenous Creative Arts Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition
XPLA-901 - International Creative Arts Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition
XPLA-903 - CalArts Coursera Specialization Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition