What is Canvas?

Canvas is CalArts' Learning Management System (LMS). Extended Studies uses Canvas to host online courses and house on-campus course materials. Enrolled Extended Studies students can access the CalArts Canvas portal here once they receive their login credentials from CalArts IT (see below). 


Online Instruction Methods

Asynchronous Online Learning

Course content is pre-recorded so students around the world can access the class material when it is convenient for them. There are set deadlines for assignments, and set times when critiques will be posted. There are no live class sessions or set meeting times. 

Synchronous Online Learning

There are live meeting times during a specific time of day, in Pacific Time. All other course materials are hosted on Canvas. 


Getting Ready to Learn Online

You've enrolled in an online program through CalArts Extended Studies. Now what?

Technology Requirements

To successfully participate in any online class, students will be required to have access to the following:

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Connection to high-speed internet
  • Course-specific software (listed on course material list if applicable)
  • Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Canvas Requirements

Check out this Canvas FAQ page for the most up to date information about computer and browser requirements for Canvas.

Logging into Canvas

A few days prior to the course start date, enrolled students will receive an email from CalArts IT. In order to gain access to Canvas, students need to follow the directions communicated in this email.

Your course will be available on Canvas, beginning at 12:00am PT on the start date of the course. If you have not received any communication from CalArts IT by the first day of the course, please reach out to

Canvas App

Students can access their courses with the Canvas Student mobile app from any device. To download, search "Canvas Student" in the app store.


For help with course content, please reach out to your instructor using their preferred contact method or email

  • Make sure you ask for help or assignment clarification in advance. Your instructor likely has set days and times when they are available to check in with their courses and answer questions. 

For technical support, please email If we cannot assist you, we will forward your email  to CalArts IT at and will note that you are an Extended Studies student so that they can best assist you. 

Course Access

All courses are available for one month after the end date. Content in Canvas will be available, but instructors and support staff will not be checking the course.


Panopto Video Platform

Panopto is an online video platform tool used by Canvas to host video content. When students receive their Canvas login, they will also receive access to Panopto.