Course Description

Students 18 and up encouraged to apply.

The sequencing of images gives films their cinematic form. Editing is essential to establish a film’s rhythm, pacing, and experience for the viewer. The editing may be subtle and hardly visible or it can be forcefully present. In this course, you will be introduced to different approaches to editing that include montage theory, continuity editing, and slow cinema.

You will produce short videos based on prompts designed to explore editing concepts and techniques. To complete the assignments a video camera is recommended but a smartphone can be used. Access to, and a working knowledge of editing software such as Adobe Premiere is required. In addition to completing assignments, students will have the option to participate in live, instructor-led discussions and critiques. This supplemental experience allows students to engage with one another as they explore the topics of the course and share feedback.

Learner Outcomes

  • In this course you will gain an understanding of:     

    • how to slow things down or speed them up, both in camera and in the post-production process

    • Establishing and disrupting the temporal and visual rhythm of a film

    • Frame capture, stop-motion, reverse, and freeze frame editing techniques

    • The use of editing strategies to evoke meaning and emotional impact

    • Develop filmmaking vocabulary and discourse skills


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