Course Description

In this workshop, participants will learn how to generate identities of whiteness in order to begin dismantling structures of white supremacy inside their organizations and themselves. Participants will be able to identify the attitudes and values of white supremacy as a culture, evaluate a set of alternative values to those of white supremacy, generate through drawing, painting, sculpture, or other creative work, a possibility model of whiteness without white supremacy, and build community through the sharing of those models and their personal embodiment plan with others. This course includes readings, videos, exercises, and online discussion. 

This Micro-Credential has been developed in collaboration with industry partner Dori Tunstall Inc. Dori Tunstall Inc. is dedicated to helping institutions and organizations to decolonize and diversify their design praxis through corporate education, executive coaching, and strategic consulting.

Learner Outcomes

Upon the successful completion, participants will have gained the skills to:

  • Identify and evaluate white supremacy as a set of cultural values within organizations, institutions, and society
  • Consider and evaluate alternative values to those of white supremacy culture
  • Apply an artistic representation form to a white person who holds alternative values to those of white supremacy culture
  • Develop and share a plan on how to embody those alternative values of whiteness in everyday life

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