Course Description

Frequently, companies and individuals are criticized for culturally appropriating (i.e. taking without consent) the designs, motifs, symbols, objects, and names of cultural communities such as those of Indigenous, Black, or Asian communities. How might companies and individuals stop the taking without consent of the objects and/or practices of cultural communities? How might we all learn how to cultivate relationships with cultural communities in order to build business practices with cultural appreciation? 

This Micro-Credential has been developed in collaboration with industry partner Dori Tunstall Inc. Dori Tunstall Inc. is dedicated to helping institutions and organizations to decolonize and diversify their design praxis through corporate education, executive coaching, and strategic consulting.

Participants will learn how to cultivate organization and individual relationships with cultural communities in order to approach their business with cultural appreciation and avoid cultural appropriation. This course will have readings, videos, exercises, and applications organized into five modules.


Module 1: Colonization and the Way of Cultural Appropriation
Module 2: Companies Practicing Cultural Appreciation
Module 3: Respectful Relations with cultural Communities
Module 4: Authentic Values, Objects, and Stories
Module 5: Changing Organizations to Share the Wealth

Learner Outcomes

Upon the successful completion, participants will have gained the skills to: 

  • Identify cultural appropriation and develop ways to avoid it
  • Identify cultural appreciation and develop ways to practice it
  • Evaluate mindsets and policies that build respectful relationships with cultural communities
  • Determine the internal and external organizational changes required to work respectfully with cultural communities
  • Create the legal and financial structures required to support partnerships with cultural communities
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Section Title
Business Transformation for Cultural Appreciation, Not Appropriation
Jul 10, 2024 to Aug 07, 2024
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Tuition non-credit $600.00