Why should you consider a CalArts Summer Residency?

Participants agree that our residency programs are all about experiences both inside and outside of the studio: 

"The best thing about the residency is that it completely changed my perception of directing. I feel I didn't know anything about working with actors until I went to the residency."

"I can safely say that my experience with the summer program has increased both my understanding of and experience with observational drawing one hundred-fold."

"The guest speakers were amazing, [and] the bonding games like dodgeball and sardines afterwards really let people just be silly around each other and loosen up outside of the classroom. [The faculty and staff] did such a great job at facilitating moments for students to interact in a real way with one another in a social context."

"This residency was a valuable networking opportunity, and it helped me fully explore new mediums, themes, and directions in my art."