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This course is available only as part of the Summer Filmmaking Residency. You are required to submit an application to be admitted to the program. Applications open every January.

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Non-fiction filmmaking has become an extremely popular form melding journalistic integrity, social realism and narrative storytelling.  As media becomes saturated with floods of moving images, the demand for rich cinematic representation of the world’s complexities and the human condition has increased exponentially.  The form embraces entertainment and education in equal parts. Documentary and essayistic films are highly personal cinematic expressions. The strongest work in these forms demand intelligent and skilled filmmaking blended with an artist’s deep curiosity for the world around them.

Making documentary or essay films might appear simple, but it is a deceptively complex art form that depends heavily on research, interviewing skill, strong filmmaking technique, visual intelligence and inventive editorial processes. Over the course of the residency, students will view a wide breadth of films demonstrating the many different styles of documentary and essay cinema.

The core of the residency will be hands on practice.  Students will be required to create a minimum of 3 short films;

  • One personal essay film
  • One research driven documentary
  • One hybrid film crossing fiction and factual storytelling featuring recreation and staged events.

Additionally, students will occasionally engage with select guest artists who represent the highest standards of their field.

This residency is ideal for the curious filmmaking student eager to explore non-fiction filmmaking as a unique and challenging art form designed to embrace personal, political, or aesthetical realms.

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Explorations of the Documentary and Essay Film Form Non-credit
On Campus
M, T, W, Th, F
9:00AM to 5:00PM
May 27, 2019 to Jun 28, 2019
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Non-credit non-credit $3,200.00 Click here to get more information