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This course is available only as part of the Summer Animation Residency. You are required to submit an application to be admitted to the program. Applications open every January.

If you have been accepted into the Residency, please navigate back to the Summer Animation Residency page to complete enrollment and payment.

This course is designed to build a strong foundation of how to visually communicate in black, white and monochrome. This is a story-driven approach to design. Students learn how to pull out of a story what it’s strongest design components are, and how to use that concept to build a space that characters can live in. This course will span design from its most abstract presentation to its most literal applications.

We will explore use of light, shape, value, line, balance, and contrast as design elements, and build an understanding of how to design for the purpose of storytelling. By the end of this course, students will have a more in-depth knowledge of how to best support the story by incorporating these design principles into a working layout, and they will have the skillset to breakdown any story to its strongest visual statement and translate that statement into a strong layout design.

Required tools and supplies will be provided.


  • This course is available to students who have been accepted into the Summer Animation Residency only. If selected to participate in the Residency you will enroll in all three courses.
  • Open to artists age 18 and up. 

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Summer Animation Residency: Design for Film
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1:00PM to 4:00PM
May 28, 2019 to Jun 27, 2019
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